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The Hertfordshire Steam Engine Preservation Society was formed on the 10th July 1964 by a few like minded enthusiasts, with the original membership costing 10 shillings (50p in new money). Their aim was to promote steam preservation in the area by running steam rallies and regular club nights for friend's to meet and discuss steam.

We had in the past year's run regular rallies at Great Wymondley, Pirton, Gaddesden Row, Weston Park, Knebworth Park, Little Wymondley and Leighton Buzzard. In the 1970's we ran several rallies a year in the months of May, June and August.

Later as time went by, for the security of it's officer's and member's the society was set up as a charity, now known as the Hertfordshire Steam Engine Preservation Society, and a limited company to run the club known as the Herts Steam Club Ltd.

As a registered charity, our society's objectives are to encourage road steam preservation in an increasingly technological world. Our society is associated with the National Traction Engine Trust, and The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.

The Hertfordshire Steam Engine Preservation Society is open to all enthusiasts whether owner, driver or those just interested in the history of our great steam heritage. Although primarily aimed at steam road engines, society members have a range of interests that include many other items of historic transport or agricultural interest. e.g. vintage tractors, commercial vehicles, cars, fire engines, motorcycles and stationary engines.

Steam traction engines and road rollers were part of our glorious industrial heritage, but the last engines were built in the late 1940's, and those that have survived do so as the result of the efforts made by individual enthusiasts in both restoring and presenting their engines, on the road and at organized events such as ours.


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